YO!NIKU Bar and Restaurant

DUTS design has recently completed the space design of the YO!NIKU Bar and Restaurant located in Jiuguang, Daning, Shanghai. After two months of lockdown in Shanghai, we hope to recreate the real and warm fireworks in the city with the familiar food and wine space.

The exterior facade of the restaurant adopts the method of line sequencing to enclose a looming and complete facade. Through the combination of virtual and real skin, the warmth and texture of the interior space are revealed.

Walking up the stairs and entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by a restrained and dynamic bar space, which is a dialogue between sharp and cold and soft and elegant. On the side of the bar, a digital light-controlled LED panel is used to present the wine samples in the form of an art installation, which is calm and not a change of rhythm.

Interior design
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