Passionate European Flower

The Spanish restaurant "Miss Beard" is located on the 6th floor of the Galeries Lafayette in Pudong, Shanghai. The owner has owned two Mustache Spanish restaurants of the same brand before this.The space created by DUTS Design for the owners has kept the brand's fashionable space tone, while adding the shiny style with Paris and New York fashion sense.


In order to efficiently meet the needs of Spanish food operations in the Spanish tapas category, we pay special attention to the size and proportion of the dining table when designing the seating arrangement, to ensure the comfort of guests when walking, and also to achieve the maximum space utilization rate.


As a Spanish restaurant, the passionate and unrestrained feelings are the national characteristics that must be displayed. Therefore, in the overall style of color and material selection, based on a unified tone, at the same time inject dramatic ups and downs. We use the method of seeking common ground while reserving small differences. The ground is combined with a large area of white and hexagonal gray. While quiet, you can also feel the sense of jumping while dining.

200 / 260/ 200 square metres
Interior design
Lafayette Shanghai
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