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Below DUTS positions are open for you. Please enclose your resume together with your portfolio within one PDF (10MB max) and send to : contact@dutsdesign.com. We will get back to you within 1week.


    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Well-experienced and can independently lead the project and control whole process from design concept, preliminary   to the construction drawing handover;

    2. Familiar with project types including commercial complexes, public construction and city renovation;

    3. Can work with the chief architect to deepen the plan, or provide constructive opinions on the plan, and the overall control ability is strong from the late stage to the early stage of the plan;

    4. Shall be a team leader with good management skill for junior architects and control the whole quality of projects;

    5. With good professional ethical, high professionalism and teamwork skill.

    6. Responsible for Reporting presentations at each stage of the project.

    We hope you are:

    1. Full-time undergraduate degree or above in architecture, Master's degree is preferred;

    2. With more than 5 years of work experience in architecture industry, experience in large domestic design institutes or overseas design firms are preferred; as a senior architect, he is responsible for the full-stage design work in at least three under construction or completed projects;

    3. Smart and active, always be creative, with strong aesthetic sense and global vision;

    4. A good team worker with strong communication skills. Excellent time management and execution;

    5. Familiar with national standards and regulation design related.


    1. Bachelor Degree in Architecture or above, working experience in a foreign company is preferred;
    2. 3-5 years work experience (experience in Healthcare design is a plus), fluent in English;
    3. On-site working experience is preferred, know about structure and detail of project, able to assist project architect for concept design and report layout;
    4. Experience of expanding design and construction drawing is preferred;
    5. Strong design skills, familiar with AutoCAD, Sketchup, Photoshop, Lumion, Rhino and other design software, passion for architecture, diligence in the work;

    6. Responsible for Reporting presentations at each stage of the project.


    1. Undergraduate or graduate majoring in architecture major,fluent in English,overseas study background are highly preferred
    2. Passion for design, having strong self-initiated learning desire and being self-motivated
    3. Proficient in various design software , such as AutoCAD, INDESIGN, PHOTOSHOP, RHINO, SKETCHUP
    4. At least three months internship, good team player, priority admission at the end of the internship period


    1. College degree or above in interior design, architecture and other related majors (famous university or master degree or above is preferred);

    2. More than 5 years of design experience in hotel space, office space, commercial space, art space and other projects;

    3. Have an excellent sense of design and understanding, have an aesthetic standard of international perspective, be able to accurately express the design plan, and have the ability to independently complete the drawing and review of construction drawings;

    4. Have rich experience in site coordination, can handle all site problems independently and have excellent communication and communication skills;

    5. Possess excellent professional quality, strong sense of responsibility and management ability, and can lead the design team to work independently.