Exemplary Urban Market Renovation, New Neighborhood Living Center

The project integrates architecture, interior and visual design. At the same time, it pioneered to provide owners with comprehensive services such as design renovation, commercial operation and marketing planning. 

"Zhenxin Neighborhood Market PLUS" is located in an older community in Baoshan district of Shanghai. Taking the "Community Activities" that meets the actual needs of the current community as the starting point, through creative and practical space, scene design and transformation, it brings together supermarkets, food markets, A variety of commercial formats such as catering, retail, and living facilities have updated and upgraded the traditional vegetable market in the resident community to a living center that can experience a modern lifestyle and enjoy convenient community services.

In the new round of urban renewal, the old vegetable market has become a test field for each. In the previous urban renewal and reconstruction practice, the topic that the old vegetable market has become a HOT checkpoint but the traffic of local citizens has been declining becomes the focus. The innovative design and transformation practice of "Zhenxin Neighborhood Market PLUS" has become a new solution that truly serves the community and citizens: the neighborhood's REAL life center.

Shanghai Shangshu-Yonghui Fresh Food Co.,Ltd
4300 square meters
City Renovation
Shanghai Baoshan
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