Renovation project of building 8 in happiness dock

DUTS design completed an old factory space renovation project in Huangpu District, Shanghai. The building 8 is located in the south of road 1029 Happy Pier Fashion Creative Park which was founded in 1969 and formerly known as the factory workshop of Shanghai happy motorcycle . This building area is 2,022 square meters and DUTStudio has carried on the comprehensive renovation to the building. Project owners which love sports after 80 young people hope that in the old factory building under the height of the large space. In addition to meet the needs of the office, we have an indoor football field and form a complete set of the fitness space. The challenge is structural reinforcement.

Shanghai Yicheng Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.
2022 square meters
City Renovation
Renovation project of building 8 in happiness dock
幸福码头 8 号楼改造1
幸福码头 8 号楼改造3
幸福码头 8 号楼改造4
幸福码头 8 号楼改造5
幸福码头 8 号楼改造6
幸福码头 8 号楼改造7
幸福码头 8 号楼改造8
幸福码头 8 号楼改造9
幸福码头 8 号楼改造10
幸福码头 8 号楼改造11
幸福码头 8 号楼改造2
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