Library Renovation in Nanjing Normal University was selected in Architecture China 2020-2021



The "Architecture China" Yearbook 2021 is a record of Chinese architecture focusing on the post-epidemic era. It takes stock of China's outstanding architectural works from 2020 to 2021. The yearbook includes 85 outstanding projects from 73 domestic and foreign design firms.

 Renovated Library of Nanjing Normal University , which was designed by DUTS, was selected into this yearbook.


DUTS Design accepted the invitation of Gemdale in 2019 to carry out the overall renovation design work of the original Nanjing Normal University Zijin Campus.Recently, the renovation of the original "library" has been completed.


The designer took inspiration from the architectural history and the emotional memory of the urban life, and injects contemporary design aesthetics and complex modern life formats into this nearly 70-year-old library. The rejuvenated library becomes a new landmark cultural center that contains complex functions such as display, business, office, business, and communication, and is full of humanistic life.


"This transformation is "Heritage and Innovation", we retain the human and emotional memory of this site, while make it more harmoniously integrated with contemporary life through modern architectural language. 

We did two steps:

The first step is to "open", open up the space, make the architectural form more open, and open up the communication between inside and outside;

The second step is to "combine", inject a complex format, integrate modern life, and turn it into a living space full of emotions, memories, and fresh vitality. "

—— Zhong Ling, founder of DUTS Design and chief architect


At present, the first and second phases of Library Renovation in Nanjing Normal University have also been completed and will be shared soon.

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