Growable LAB: neXtLAB YU MUSEUM at TX Huaihai

DUTS design has recently finished the neXtlab Yu Art Museum in TX huaihai mall, together with CCC ArtLAB and AKIMBO X Art Coffee,created an innovative experimental space for Shanghai that combines art, coffee, bar, art retail and events, it shows the cutting-edge art trend of diversification and integration. The fusion of futuristic cold tones and woody warmth in the space is like a dialogue between rationality and sensibility, and the fusion of art and fashion. Step into this space and you are in the future.

The space is located on Shanghai's most prosperous  Huaihai Road, across the third to fourth floors of TX Huaihai. TX Huaihai mall is the pioneer of CURETAIL(Curated Retail),advocating "Digital , Oasis , Urban, and X (Collaboration)”as the core of sustainable urban development and aiming to create a platform to deliver multicultural and young lifestyles for new consumer communities. It is both a brand new curatorial shopping mall and trendy landmark for the public.The space faces the street, with over 40 meters viewing terrace of Huaihai Road, which is also a big highlight of the site. In order to preserve and enlarge this space advantage, the designer created an over 40-meters terrace in the form of an integrated suspension structure. By elevating the terrace to a height of about 40 cm, a full floor-to-street look and feel is formed.Creating a more technically skillful experience for LAB space, DUTS designer designed a "anti-gravity" coffee bar for Akimbo X. The sharp lines have passed the space, bringing extraordinary shock visual feelings.Through the hidden and visual "wedge" blind spot, the designer makes a "suspension state" carrying the coffee machinery and all the upper water-related functions. Single arms have a single arm for more than 10 meters, loaded with 200kg, breaking through the structural limitation.

Xuanzhan Culture(NEXTLAB)
Interior design
3-4F, TX HUAIHAI, No. 523 Huaihai Road, HuangPu District, Shanghai. China
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