Semir Group Headquarter

Semir Group Headquarter is located in Wujing Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, covering an area of 93,861 square meters (140 mu). As the corporate headquarters, it serves as the Group's production and R&D center, sales center and logistics center. It is an important tract in the "fashion industry function axis" of "one axis, two belts and three districts". In order to respond to the development of regional planning and to meet the new needs of internationalization and multi-brand development of the company, Semir Group started the headquarter campus renovation and expansion project in 2021. The new construction area of about 170,000 square meters is planned to build a headquarters campus for the Group's future, and it will help the comprehensive construction and take-off of the "Town of Technology and Fashion ".

Based on the needs of Semir Group and the development of the region, DUTS design expects to create not only a corporate office headquarters but also a comprehensive office campus integrating "international headquarters", fashion headquarters and entrepreneurial headquarters for Semir Group. The integrated office campus is expected to lead the era of Industry 4.0.

Semir Group Headquarter, designed by DUTS Design, features a rounded Semir parlor to create a space with a sense of flow and convergence, a place where the Semir Group's management philosophy of "when small rivers have water, the big ones are filled" is reflected. The deduction process of Duts is based on the win-win philosophy of "when small rivers have water, the big ones are filled".After repeatedly deducing, a "Semir-Loop" (Semir 3D Park) was born, which can drive a comprehensive "cycle" from the headquarters space to people's experience, radiating and empowering the whole park.

Let's wait and see the splendor and brilliance of the future headquarter campus!

Semir Group
No. 2689, South Lianhua Road, Wujing Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
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