A Suspended "Battleship"-Space Renovation Project of Xingfu Terminal 8


Duts Design completed an old factory space renovation project in Huangpu District, Shanghai. The building 8 is located in the south of road 1029 Happy Pier Fashion Creative Park which was founded in 1969 and formerly known as the factory workshop of Shanghai happy motorcycle . This building area is 2,022 square meters and Duts Design has carried on the comprehensive renovation to the building. Project owners which love sports after 80 young people hope that in the old factory building under the height of the large space. In addition to meet the needs of the office, we have an indoor football field and form a complete set of the fitness space. The challenge is structural reinforcement.

▼ full view of the first floor


The structural system of the whole building is a typical double span triangular roof structure with a span of 15 meters.There have been several renovations before the renovation, but the structure of the roof structure has not changed, and there is a horizontal wire rope connection under the frame of the original concrete triangle, which is very bad for the utilization of space.The designer has used the steel structure man truss to replace the original t-shaped beam roof. The steel cable is removed and the steel cable is transferred to the lower chord box. The compression of the t-shaped concrete beam is converted into the upper chord of the steel girder and the inner lining stiffener. Demolition wire after first hoisting steel truss construction order, truss bottom in the wire unloading process will produce a horizontal displacement, so set the roof truss end unidirectional sliding support, the release of the displacement and does not affect the roof waterproof construction. The renovation of the truss core measures for this purpose.In the case of satisfy the safety of the roof for owner won the ceiling height of 1.7 meters which does not need to be removed and roof and effectively reduces the cost for a project.Its successful transformation provides the necessary conditions for the design of architectural space, which is the decisive factor for the transformation of the project.

▼ structure





In order to improve the utilization of indoor space a two-story office area should be added. The designer uses the structural reinforcement of the opportunity to hang the two floors under the reinforced roof. The second floor of the suspension has added extra load to the roof, so it has been strengthened in the bracket of the people’s word roof. The brick pillar supports the outsourcing section steel and the foundation of the brick column is strengthened under the compression area. The leg support increases steel column support. It is because the second floor office space is suspended in mid-air, so the bottom column has no column, which can save the foundation expenses such as piling, and guarantee the transparency and flexibility of the floor office space.

▼ hang the second floor under the reinforced roof



The bottom part of the large space using the elevation difference of floor subsided as open space, the other part is recreational area, indoor soccer and employee is a big conference room on the second floor and executive office. The top of the roof of the roof is all reserved, the walls are painted white, and the ground is made of white subglazed tiles. On visual effect, the whole office on the second floor like a boat floating “battleship” is the main entry, therefore, the steel structure of the stairs with perforated steel bar, steel beams, dark red and black roof board to bring out the best in each other, highlight the industrial style cool temperament.

▼ the open office on the first floor



▼kitchen and cafe


▼ the soccer field


In the interior and landscape design, the designer adopts the integrated design technique and the overall design of the space design. Office on the second floor of a steel table, desktop is about 3 meters long and bottom are impending, facade using wedge on the vision visual error, clever hiding in sight, steel beams can see only 6 mm thickness, thin as paper. In conference room hung office space directly, but also designed with gravity pool, thin surface distance suspended office of stair is only 150 mm, can satisfy the demands of a step height, since on the first step, just out of the ground, perfect embody the concept of suspension, cooperate with the lights of the motion of the water and the reflection of the steel structure, the right to show the charm of the design.

▼office on the second floor


▼the impending steel table


▼ gravity pool







Building facade design retained the original style and features, design at the entrance only a thin steel structure canopy as the main entrance of the whole office space, this kind of the entry of the contracted and fashionable design with the internal mutual reflect, on the original style of the old plant frontispiece played the effect that make the finishing point.

▼the building facade retain the original style


The happiness terminal on the 8th floor old workshop space transformation, ultimately steel weight of the roof reconstruction statistics of 30 kg / ㎡ , structure scheme is reasonable and economical. Du design clever will structure reinforcement and suspended the concept of office together, create can meet the demand of the owner’s office creative new space, the old factory has injected new vitality.

▼ the first floor plan


▼ the second floor plan


▼ section


Location : Shanghai, China
Client : Yicheng Industrial Investment Co. Ltd., Shanghai
Area : 2,022 sqm
Architect in Charge : Ling zhong
Architectural design team : Arnaud ROSSOCELO, Tao Wan, Yingqi Hu, Feng Dong, Xiaofeng Chen
Structural design team : Xiang Fang, Maoming zhang
Interior design team : Wanggang Shi, Ke Wang
Project manager : Wenjie Zhang
Photographs : Yingqi Hu

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